About Artist Billye Woodford

Artist Billye Woodford grew up and lived in Southern California, enjoying sunlit days and the ocean. Billye always wanted to paint, and after her youngest child went to kindergarten, she enrolled in college and has been an art student and teacher ever since. She has painted in all mediums, and especially enjoys painting plein air with oil paints.

Image of Artist Billye Woodford with one of her paintingsI love painting landscapes and ocean scenes because I feel such a wonderful sense of enjoyment and peace when I paint. I hope when viewers see my paintings they will come away with similar feelings of peace, as if they were actually there at the ocean or the mountains with me.

Billye lives and works in southern Oregon when the weather is warm, spending the other half of the year south of the border in Baja California. She paints wherever she goes, her travels providing a diverse wealth of subjects and memorable moments to portray. Painting because she loves to paint, her work is not motivated by sales, but inspiration. Still, an inspired painter does wind up with a lot of canvases in her home, and sharing the moments she’s painted by letting them find new homes is a joy which also makes room in her studio for new ones.

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